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Preserved Moss now available to the public. Because of our move to Colorado we will only be selling the preserved moss types as well as our ferns and greeneries. This moss is ALL from locally sustained friends and family in the USA. WE then preserve it here in Delta Colorado!

You will be getting assorted sized (NON-LIVING Preserved moss) sections that equals 1  square foot. This is sold by the square foot delivered.


You can get the Lightest which is Lime Green and a bit more yellow in it. The medium green is our Spring Green which is a very pretty natural green color. The darkest green is the deep dark kelly green which has more blueish hints to give the deep green hue.


Certain times of the year many pieces may have the spores still attached as you see in the photos here.


We have many regular clients that place large orders with us monthly. For this reason it may show sold out. Also if you need large orders. Contact us to get placed in line for your order.


This moss is not colorfast so do NOT water it or place outside as it will ruin the moss.

DO NOT mix this with live moss it will kill the live moss.


This is preserved for you upon ordering so wait time may be prolonged a few days (especially during winter months).


If needed for an event, let me know asap.



Preserve Mood Moss - Sold by the Square foot. Wall Moss-Moss Bowl Art

Excluding Sales Tax

Summer Sale

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