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Preserved Moss and ferns

Photos Shown here are from our clients we have worked with & their beautiful pieces created from our product lines. THESE ARE ALL COPYRIGHTED so please do not use without permission.


We Thank You, One and All!

Celia @

Ed Purcell @ "Vertical Greenwalls, LLC - Milwaukee, WI"
Lindsey @
Scott @ 
Heather @

Mary Cowger Of Austin Moss Creations LLC

Kelley Anderson@Art Botanica

Lil Bit Garden @Lil Bit Garden  Jungim Rose (@lilbitgarden) • Instagram photos and videos

Jungim said,"Gratitude to HGTV Unsellable Houses for showcasing my moss wall art in the Season 4 finale!

It's a moment of immense pride, and I'm thrilled to continue crafting these stunning, nature-inspired moss artworks. Looking forward to more opportunities to share the beauty of my creations!"

Preserved Moss and ferns wall art
441285137_826441285482847_1535092883753418352_n (1).jpg
WanderDark6_1000x1000 (2).jpg
Leica Gallery.jpeg
Leaf series wall art
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