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Assorted polished Golden mushrooms are so beautiful to look at and use on wall decor and even used in floral arrangements.

Here is a bag of beautiful and naturally polished Golden mushrooms dried and ready for your projects. Would look great on those moss wall frames!


This bag will have about 12-15+ pieces  (depending on mushroom size) weighing a bit over 1 oz . Each will average about 2"-3+"  +/-diameter and the end may have an attached natural stem.

Beautiful golden browns on the top and a pretty ivory mushroom color on the backside.


These are durable and would be great in bouquets as well as wreaths and so much more!

I show you other photos where there may be more or less than...however for this listing you are ONLY getting the 1 bag of dried golden mushrooms.


ONLY the mushrooms are being sold here. We do make and sell the mood moss as well here:


Golden Mushrooms - Over 1 oz per Bag

Excluding Sales Tax
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