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Freeze-Dried Strawberry tops/calyx looks just like fresh Strawberries, only they have a crunchy texture and amazing concentrated flavor. They retain their color and do not shrink in size - we simply remove all the water during the drying process.

You will receive a 6x9 mylar bag with oxygen absorber that contains no less than 1 oz or product (about 60+ Tops). These are from the same strawberries we sell here in slices and whole.

*************Are strawberry tops safe for cats & dogs? ************
Yes! Strawberry tops are great for pet health as they're high in vitamin C, iron, calcium, magnesium and many other essential nutrients that help contribute to a healthy balanced diet. Most of the time, strawberry tops are often cut off and thrown away as most people are unaware of their hidden benefits.

The answer is yes! All parts of the strawberry are safe for cats to eat - from the fruit to the seeds to the leaves. However, as cats are obligate carnivores, they should only consume strawberries in small amounts as an occasional treat. “Strawberries and mint plants apparently have a chemical profile similar to nepetalactol, the attractant found in catnip. I have seen videos of cats rubbing their faces on strawberry baskets.

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