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Freeze-Dried Pure avocado diced bits. Each 5x7 4 oz bag is equal to 20 Oz of FRESH avocado bits.

These are in thick resealable mylar bags with an oxygen absorber (please do not eat). We also have 8 Oz bags available!

I love to eat this right out of the bag. OR, add to salads, casseroles, or cold water to reconstitute for making guacamole!

When thawed properly, add these avocados to tacos, burritos, and salads to not only add a vibrant green color to your dish, but to incorporate a healthy fat that will have customers full and satisfied when leaving your establishment. Once thawed, you can also mash these into a fresh guacamole, or a thick paste to craft trendy avocado toasts, topped with everything from smoked salmon to fried eggs or microgreens to house blend spice and seed mixes.

Mashed / pureed avocados can also be used as a replacement for butter in some chocolate baked goods when creating vegan or generally healthier options. Try using in chocolate brownies, raw chocolate tarts, chocolate quick breads, and even chocolate mousse! Create avocado lime vinaigrettes to dress fresh salads with crispy iceberg lettuce, bright oranges, and spicy watermelon radishes, or drizzle over your side menu option of roasted root vegetables to add a refreshing balance.

Avocado Diced Bits | Freeze-dried avocado | 2 oz bag is equal to 10 Oz FRESH A

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