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100% Real cheese. Chedder cheese Powder/granulated bits - 2 Oz bag=8 Tblsp - Medium Chedder - Popcorn topping - French fry seasoning

Packed in thick mylar easy-tear top, re-sealable bags OR choose the spice jar and then buy refill bags. Each bag is for 2 Oz of granulated Cheddar cheese.

Want/need larger bags? We can do that too!

This powder/granulated cheese is perfect to add to so many things. French fries-Popcorn-Potatoes-salads.

I mix this with garlic and butter and spices to make a spread for my breads. Toast bread then spread the mixture on OR spread on bread and toast for a few minutes OR griddle bread like a grill cheese sandwich!

We also offer cheese in other bag amounts and flavors.


Freeze Dried 100% Real cheese Powder/granulated bits - 2 Oz bag=8 Tblsp - Med

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