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2023 crop CRASPEDIA  per bunch on 25 stems that are 12" to 16"long DRIED Naturally.


Average bloom size of head is 1/2" to  3/4" sometimes up to an inch or more.

FLOWER HEAD NOTE: It is not unusual for some of the yellow flower heads at times to have some white fuzz on it just like the stem does. You can gently remove it with a tooth brush or paint brush. This is NOT mold.

I do have these in a beautiful preserved orange or green as well.

Unique natural yellow/gold balls on a sturdy stem.  Also called billy buttons, billy balls or drumstix. OUR SINGLE MOST POPULAR FLORAL!!

Craspedia are known for their cheery yellow and round flower-heads. Display them alone, or combine with other items for a whimsical centerpiece. The flower heads range from a quarter to an inch in diameter.

Craspedia are related to daisies and are native to Australia and New Zealand.

Craspedia is a genus of daisies commonly known as billy buttons or woollyheads. They are native to Australia and New Zealand where they grow in a variety of habitats from sea level to the alps. The genus is found in every state of Australia except the Northern Territory. In New Zealand, Craspedia is found south from about East Cape in the North Island to Stewart Island. It also occurs on Campbell Island 660 km S of Stewart Island, and the Chatham Islands, 800 km E of East Cape. Craspedia are rosette-forming herbs with secondarily compound capitula (glomerules) that are borne on erect, unbranched scapes. The glomerules or flower-heads are hemispherical to spherical (like pom poms) and are formed of a massive aggregation of tiny flowers (florets). Most species are perennial with one species recorded as annual. Twenty three-species are currently accepted, six from New Zealand and 17 from Australia. Leaves have considerable variation in form, they range in color from white through to grass green, and are often covered in fine hairs.

Want more or less? I can do that too....

25 Craspedia Dried Natural-2023 Crop Grown in the USA-Choose stem amount

Excluding Sales Tax
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