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Introducing our delicious Freeze Dried Salt Water Taffy in a large 8 oz bag! Now you can enjoy your favorite salt water taffy flavors in a unique and exciting freeze-dried form. Choose from a variety of flavors, including cherry, grape, banana, and many more.


Our taffy is expertly freeze-dried to lock in the original flavors and provide a light, crunchy texture that will leave you coming back for more. Perfect for snacking on the go or for adding a fun twist to your favorite desserts. Get your hands on this irresistible treat today!


TRADE WINDS New Flavor is a combo of 3 unique flavors in one bag. TRADE WINDS TAFFY MANGO CHILI, PINEAPPLE GINGER & KIWI COCONUT 3 flavors 1 bag.


Order in bulk to save. Contact us.


AN ANYTIME SNACK: These candies can be enjoyed as a fun snack on hikes or road trips—or even just as a sweet surprise during the day. Everyone deserves a treat!


Check out this link about all the flavors that Taffy Town has as well as nutritional values.

Freeze Dried Taffy | Saltwater Taffy | Choose Flavor | LARGE 8 Oz bag

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  • Be sure to store uneaten candy in an airtight container. If not the moisture will return and candy will become sticky and chewy again.

  • Canning

    Freeze drying causes very little damage to the nutritional value of fresh food. This preservation method preserves nearly all of the nutrients found in the food prior to being freeze dried. Whereas, canning and other preservation methods can destroy much of the nutrition found in fresh food.


    The process of dehydrating affects the taste, color, and nutrition. Dehydrating destroys nearly half of the nutritional value. Freeze-dried food, in contrast, preserves nutrition and looks and tastes just like it did when fresh.

    Store-Bought Food Storage

    With a home freeze dryer you can control the quality, taste, and natural goodness of the food you are storing. 

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