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NEW! Bubblegum Bagged, Skitts candy VARIETIES in a 5 Oz Bag. OR choose a 5 oz bag of tiny Freeze-Dried sweet tarts.

Skittles® is a registered trademark under Mars Wrigley. We are NO way affiliated with any of the candy ingredient manufacturers listed on our site. We are just using skittles to produce this product.

5 Oz Bag: Approximately 125 pieces.

Flavors may include, Wild Berry, Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Berry Punch, Melon Berry-Sours- and Tropical flavors all in 1 bag!

This product is manufactured in a home facility that also manufactures but not limited to: Nuts-Eggs-Dairy-Raw Meats-Shellfish

Bubblegum bagged Freeze-dried Skits OR Sweet Tarts

Excluding Sales Tax

Summer Sale

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