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6vBeautiful Dried Badam Pods on short 4" wooden picks. These have been specially dried and preserved to stay this way for years and no worry of any bugs :-)


You will receive 6 per bag. Assorted sized/shaped pods as seen similar to those in the photos. They average about 2 to 4+" across and 2-5+ inches Tall (pod Only). 


You can choose with the stake or not.


See first photo where I added our preserved mood and fern moss to it. We do sell this as well.


Badam Nut Pods are beautiful pods that you can use in any arrangement.  They will last and look beautiful for years. Also know as elephant ear pods. Try these badam pods and you won't be disappointed. The wonderfully interesting shape of the Badam or almond nut covering adds a beautiful touch to dried flower or dried wheat bouquets. Our Badam, or almond, nut covers, are unique in their shape, size and configuration.  Ridge like on the inside, and smooth on the outside each Badam nut opens in its own way when it releases the shelled almond housed inside. This interesting covering adds a distinctive and graceful look to home or office floral displays. To make these Badam Nuts easy to add to your dried decor display, they have been placed on a stem.  We offer 6 stemmed badam nuts per package. Add the Badam nuts to a dried flower bouquet for an everlasting arrangement that is unique and beautiful. The Badam nut shells are interesting and unique enough to make a bouquet all on their own!

Badam Pods 6 pieces per bag

$15.00 Regular Price
$9.75Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

Father's Day save 35%

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