Wedding Ideas & Photos
I love to design wedding items....this page is to show some of the items I have made in the past to give you ideas of what you might like to use at your wedding or any type of country garden party. Let me know if you see something here or have an idea. I love to post your wedding photos here too. So if you have bought an item from us and want to share it here...let me know,send me your photos and I will add them here!

Here are some wonderful Photos that Mrs.Dillon sent me from her recent wedding. See how she used my Live moss and natural logs with the cute snails and mushrooms sitting on top. You can get all this here on my web site...ask if you have questions on an item.

Listed below is a link to our New Wedding Wire Feedback link. It is a chance to help us and other engaged couples to plan their wedding. With your feedback here it will help them to know about the products & service you received with us and your purchases. This helps us a lot and we thank you ahead for helping with this.

Here are my handmade snails & Mushrooms on top of that beautiful mood moss.
I have the mood moss both live and preserved for many types of applications.

Rings on a bed of Mood moss!

Real cut logs and small slabs of tree rounds for the table number!
Thank you Mrs. Dillon for the wonderful use of your photos here!

Thank you Nicole for sharing your wedding photos below as well.
I think it is so great that we can use computers to share important things like this to family that can not make it to your event!

HUGE Moss Balls 6 & 8 inch diameter with double bows

Here is just some of the many balls that will going to a pecan orchard wedding to be hung from the tree branches next month.
I wanted to share them with you here...there is 1 8" in the middle and the others are 6"
Here is a set that I used sheet moss, my clay snails and mushrooms. These were done with the intent that you can use the mushrooms and snails in a terrarium after the wedding . They are attached to wires and when removed leaves no trace that they were there so your original items still look great!

Here is a great link for those interested in an eco friendly wedding. On-line magazine with past issues also available to browse.

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Burlap wreaths are beautiful any season, but I think especially during the fall.
And they are surprisingly quick and easy to make, no sewing or glue required
Time: 15 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
Create a quick and easy burlap wreath you can decorate for any season.
Thread your burlap over and under through your wreath frame.
Create a loop with your fingers.
Thread through in the opposite direction alternating the over under pattern.

Wedding Candle Sets
We love to make unique one of a kind candle sets for your weddings. Here re photos of some that we have made so far. We do take special orders from August till about March as Spring keeps us busy with Water Garden Plants. If you are not in a hurry for an order and get it in to us early enough...we may be able to do a custom set. Prices vary with the type of wood etc. We also have decorated candles. Again we love to share your wedding photos with candles here too.
Thank you Molly & Chad for sending us the photos of the items you bought from us to use at your wedding.


Our dried pressed leaves used at yet another wedding!
Grapevine Lantern Balls & Centerpieces
 I can make a variety of sizes in these beautiful lantern balls. They are so beautiful in many woodland themed parties and weddings. If you have ideas on variations I will work with you on them as well.
Here is a beautiful 6" Diameter grapevine ball that is adorned with moss. The lights are bright and cheery but the cord is barely visible because of the brown wires!The cord length is 21" from plug to top of ball.

The one shown is with a plug in variety...however this can be done the same way with a battery operated setup that takes AA batteries.
I can adorn with other color flowers...however this goes so nice with about any wedding setup or outside garden and you can also add a few of your own flowers to this for that splash of color.
There is dyed raffia as well as brown,ivory, and mossy green ribbons tied onto this with more raffia bundling the flowers that are on top.
This ball can also be used as a centerpiece lamp...just place it just about anywhere in the house and plug it in. I will show more of what I have done with it in other listings too.
I also have this in a 10" wide ball made the same way. Want other sizes? Just contact me.....I love special orders. Special orders may take 2-3 weeks so be sure to contact me with enough time
You will love this...I love to hang in groups of 3 with say 1 large and 2 small.....let your imagination go here and enjoy a bit of fantasy at your next get do not have to be getting married to enjoy this lighting!!!
Here is a mixture of Shabby Chic where Glass and Rustic meet.

I have designed a candle holder that will take either a real tea light candle or a battery operated one. There is a separate glass holder inside the glass to hold your candle and to keep the flame in the glass without worry on the moss because it is sandwiched between 2 layers of glass.
The first layer is a shredded green moss that is then topped with a shredded green/gray Lichen. These both complement the beautiful scalloped edges of the Mossy green base.
The raffia also used here gives yet another texture and color which is then paired up with brown and ivory ribbon tied into a bow wrapping the beautiful silk flowers in it.
You can add other colors to this to match colors in your wedding or home decor...or contact me with specific colors. This can also be done with just the tall glass vase and no base or another style of base.
You can enjoy as just a centerpiece or use as a vase and put in more greenery grasses etc. It will also holder water so can be used for LIVE flowers too!
Dimensions:9" Tall Base 6" Wide
Tea light candle is included here...remember for safety never leave any lit candle unattended.

Check out the video sent from another Happy Customer!
Denise Dillon was so kind to share this with me, here is a link from her wedding....she bought my Moss-Mushrooms and snails for here wedding decor. I have posted some of the individual photos above here is well. I want to thank her so much for letting me share this here. 

Create a Still-Water Container Garden

Create indoor water gardens with a splash of creativity.

Watery indoor gardens have come a long way. Now it's so common to think of roots-in-water as being part of the beauty of an indoor display that you can even find fake "vases" where the "roots" are frozen into a clear plastic. Your imagination can take you anywhere when it comes to creating an indoor water garden. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use a trifle glass to hold a very simple water garden that's showy enough to be a centerpiece for lunch with your gardening friends: a few sprigs of anacharis, a layer of glass marbles and a few floating candles on top.
  • Turn to a Zen approach to a simple water garden: a low black container with rocks and duckweed.
  • When you're choosing water plants, consider the amount of light you'll be able to offer it.

Looks great at wedding tables. Use a large clear bowl to see the beautiful feathery roots of the lettuce plants. Add some small gold fish or even a beautiful Betta fish to add to the fun and color.

Beautiful Preserved Moss Mats/fabric/Runners
These are available Special Orders Only. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. I can get in many sizes as shown below. They are easy to cut to use as place-mats too.I will have some samples available on the Home Page for you to purchase soon.
Shipping is included in the price shown below.

  • Features:
  • Instant green all purpose moss/mat runner
  • Cover container plant soil and decorated orchid pots
  • Line planters, baskets and wrought iron frames
  • Cover any surface imaginable from flower pots and picture frames to party tents and weeding decorating
  • Preserved and color enhanced for lasting color
  • Cut or tear by hand to desired shape
  • Easily apply to surfaces with 2-sided adhesive tape, spray, or hot melt glue
  • 2/8" to 3/8" thick re-usable color enhanced moss on a mesh backing
    The smaller moss mats are also great to line baskets and pots as seen in the photos here.

    I also have Runners that are made from Bright Chartreuse Spanish Moss.

    How to measure Tablecloths

    • What is the size and shape of your tablecloth?
    • Measure the length and width for square, oblong or oval tables. For a round table measure the diameter.
    • When measuring your table, don't forget to add any leaves or extensions you may have, as it is common for tables to be extended during entertaining.

    What drop length do you want?

    • Drop refers to the length of fabric that extends beyond the edge of the table usually 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30cm)
    • A longer drop is used to achieve a more formal look.

    Select your Tablecloth size

    • Since the drop is the same on both sides of the table,multiply the desired drop length by 2 and add the result to the actual length of your table. This is the tablecloth length.
    • Determine the tablecloth width in the same manner
    • For extra wide tables, over sized cloths will be 70 inches (178cm) wide and may be available in certain styles.
    • Oblong cloths can work on oval tables.
    • See below for common tablecloth & Table skirt size suggestions and to use our online tablecloth calculator.

    Bulk Mossy Vine Garland is also available and so very beautiful. I have it by the foot,yard or 60' rolls . Check out the home page for


    Above is the largest Mossy Vine I have shown also by the garden hose and compared to the regular where I made a heart from it and used the bark vine around it.

    Salal(lemon leaves)

    Faux Mossy covered wire great for so many projects like the wedding head bands & more.

      Centerpiece I did for a Women's Conference


      Moss Baskets & Bulk Moss both available to sell on the home page
         Baskets above are sold in sets of 3 for only $25 and the gorgeous preserved Parmelia Lichen Branch's are also for sell in assorted lengths starting at $10. All this is listed for sale on the home page under preserved moss. 
      Moss Covered Balls and HeartsThese are NOT Styrofoam they are what is called Smooth foam and much harder then regular Styrofoam products.This makes it great for those projects that need more substance to the item to be able to glue it nail it etc. I can do these items in bulk so be sure to get with me. The most common sizes are listed but I can do many other sizes too.   
      Balls shown are 2"-3" and 4" diameterI can do 6"  to 30" Diameter as well as smaller.
      The heart is also of the same material and can be done in many sizes too. The larger heart on the left is the Smoothfoam and the heart on the right is my Mossy Garland vine shaped into any size heart you want then I wrapped it with the Bark covered wire to look like both vine and moss here. Assorted sizes available.
      Moss baskets of many styles also available and I will be adding assorted wood handles to them too. The beautiful Bark wire vine is also available now in the store on the home page.

      Transparent/Dyed Oak Leaves on Branches

      IN STOCK NOW in time for your fall Wedding season, this fine domestic oak is prepared in Sizes: 8 oz. & 1 lb.

       Be sure to order your large quantities and colors early because I will not always have all colors readily in stock.


      Curly Willow balls in Natural and green are also available special order in 4" 6" and 8" diameter at prices Spring SpecialIf you order 6 or more Willow Balls I will give you 1 free of the same size...order 12 get 2 free and so on. These are special order so be sure to place order ASAP to get in time for Wedding or Event needed.   

      Ring Bearer/Flower Girl Moss Baskets


      I am also making Moss Covered Letters as cake toppers and for your chairs and shepherd hooks. I can make all sizes for you! Just contact me for size and price.

      Paint Your Own Cake Toppers

      July 3, 2012 in handmade and vintage goods

      Photo by Goose Grease

      Goose Grease

      We are Anna and Juan Donado. We run our wooden craft company, along with our supply shop Goose Grease Undone, out of our studio in Brooklyn.

      Goose Grease began as custom painted wooden families and dolls for children. Then a few brides requested custom doll portraits for their wedding cakes. With that, the idea of the peg doll cake topper was born. It has caught on as a creative way to add a personal touch to your wedding decorations and, at the same time, have a long-lasting art object as a memory of your wedding.

      We are happy to say that each and every doll has its own personality. With this project you can make your own.

      Wooden peg dolls
      One thin and one flat paint brush
      Acrylic paint – Folk Art and Americana are a couple good brands
      Tortillon – Shader
      Top coat –Matte finish
      Sandpaper (for correcting mistakes)
      Mechanical pencil

      Step 1:
      Make sure the surface of the wood is smooth and that all knicks or uneven places are sanded down. Holding the wood’s vertical lines towards you, draw two points for the eyes, then draw the hairline around the perimeter of the face.

      Step 2:
      To draw the arms, envision an imaginary line from the point of the eye all the way down to the hand. This will be the inside of the arm. Go back up to draw the outside of both arms. In the case of the bride, a horizontal line connecting both arms cuts across to make the bride’s dress (variations to the neckline can be made after this line is drawn). For the groom, draw a V in the center going down from the neck. This will make for his suit.

      Step 3:
      Paint the bride’s hair. Use the flat part of your flat brush to get around the edges. (Warning: Using the thin brush to outline the hair will create bumps in the paint).

      Step 4:
      Paint the groom’s hair. Again, use the flat part of the brush to outline the hair. For the beard, use the thin brush. To make a “five o’clock shadow,” either use your toothpick or thin brush to stipple along the face.

      Step 5:
      Wash and re-shape your brush between each use.

      Step 6:
      Paint the white part for the V of the groom’s shirt. Re-draw the V for the groom’s shirt, if needed. Draw and paint the tie. Use the thin brush for these details.

      Step 7:
      Paint the bride’s dress with the flat brush, making sure that her hair is dry so you can hold her head while working on the body. Depending on your paint, the dress might require two coats. If so, let the paint dry between each coat.

      Step 8:
      Paint the groom’s suit. Again, use the flat brush to go around the hands. Go onto the neck for the suit. Use the thin brush if needed, but the flat brush works well.

      Step 9:
      Dot the eyes and, using the toothpick, begin working on other details.

      Step 10:
      Start finishing the bride! Draw a few lines to suggest the ruffles of her dress and draw the outline for the bouquet. For the latter, draw a simple circle and then begin to paint the leaves first, leaving a space for the flowers. Simplicity is the key here. After working on the leaves, begin to add the flowers using one or two colors. Think of a symmetrical pattern: leaf, flower, leaf, flower…

      Step 11:
      Add the final touches to your bouquet. The toothpick can be used here to add baby’s breath or lavender dots. Now, shade the pencil lines on the dress using the shader or tortillon. This will give an effect of ruffles and will prevent the line from smudging once the top coat is applied.

      Step 12:
      Start finishing the groom! Detail his suit. Using paint and a very thin brush is good for the advanced painter. For an easier route that also looks dazzling, use a pencil and tortillon to blend the line. Wrap a post-it note around the body to draw the jacket line. Blend over the line with the tortillon.

      Step 13:
      You’re almost finished! Once the eyes are dry, begin erasing the pencil marks so you can start seeing the final picture. Apply the final top coat. Work on the head first, let it dry, and then apply the coat to the body. Be generous. Once this is done, after all this hard work, having said “I do” will both sound and look sweeter.

      If you have some smaller details you would like to include and need a thinner brush, personalize your own thin round brush. We recommend buying a size 1 round brush and cutting half of the bristles. Size 1 is the perfect length. Having half of the bristles is good for some tiny detailing needs.

      All photographs by Goose Grease.

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