Live Lichen Covered Rocks  

Nestled here in the Ozark Mountains on 12 acres is where my paradise begins....we raise and cultivate our moss and plants here. I gather the lichen rocks after you order and each rock is always an individual work of art from Mother Nature!

These are shipped in Flat rate boxes so I can get the largest rock/rocks in there. I wrap them to protect the lichens as well.

You can use these in a variety of seen here in your garden in both shade and sun. In a large terrarium/vivarium. If used in this way....note that the lichens DO NOT like a high humid condition and the lichens will turn brown if exposed to that constant environment. If used say in an open air type set up for your frogs lizards snakes etc.where the air can flow and moisture is not trapped in...they will be just fine. I have also sprayed these with a clear sealer to protect them when I want to use them in this type of a setup.

Photos shown here are there to show you the variations in lichen coverage not size. Yours will be similar to those shown.....there will be at least 1/4 to 1/3 of the rock covered with assorted lichens. I have many sizes available so let me know what you may want or see what I have listed now in the web store. Web Store Items

New Wired Mossy Vine Garland 
This is so much fun to work with! It is great in Dart Frog tanks or other tanks needing a twisty moss vine for critters to crawl on . I sell it by the foot or the yard here. I have it shown here with the wired butterflies that I also sell here.
New Colored Reindeer Moss great for those no water needed terrariums or any other project you may have in mind. 
You can get this by the ounce in 8 colors in the web store.


Cute Hand made snails from real shells & Clay

I have 2 types of those cute snails now....those made from Ramshorn shells and those from other colorful shells. The ones with the colorful shells have the colored design on just the one side. The ramshorn snails look the same on both sides and are in many sizes. They are larger than the colorful snails too. Both snails have wire for antennas and a wire on the bottom for easy placement in moss and soil. 



 Small pin oak leaves in a quart bag only $5.00 per bag!

  New Smaller cut Leaf Litter for your Frogs

Per Your Request! New leaf litter now available. I have taken both pin oak and white oak leaves and mixed them with magnolia leaves. This is a very clean leaf mixture that is smaller in size and perfect for your dart frog tank. I have a gallon bag shown stuffed that weighs over 7oz.Get yours now for $8.00 plus shipping.


More leaf litter located towards the end of this page.

Remember that your terrariums are better on the cooler side. High heat humid conditions are not as good as a cooler environment.

Do not over water them and taking the lid off for air circulation is also a plus especially if you have lichens in there..

Placing in front of a window with lots of sun really heats the glass up and can cook your moss & lichens.

 NEW Terrarium Tips for Assembly

  • Using a steak knife is helpful in construction. The pointed tip allows you to push down the moss into the soil along the edge to give the terrarium a clean finished look. Kind of like the sand art in a pushes the moss down cleanly. This will not damage your moss. The knife is also good to remove items that are in those tall jars that is hard to get your hands into.

  • Wrapping your ferns with moss of the sheet style will protect the roots and also give a clean finished look to the terrarium.

  • Be sure to water the terrarium well when it is all put together for the first time. Then weekly watering or misting only as needed.

  • Remember to take off the lid to give air circulation at least once a week for a few hours.

  •  De-chlorinated water is best! You can fill a jug with water then let it sit for 24 hours to be sure it has no chlorine left. Distilled water can be use as well .

Remember earthworms are good for your terrariums and kids do like to see them travel in the soil!


Terrarium care instructions
Living moss does best if given plenty of moisture, humidity and light. I have found that the more light they receive the better they grow. When you first receive your moss it might be a bit dry. However this does not damage the plants. Thoroughly spray the moss with water (distilled or rain water seems to be better for moss) and they will green up within a few hours.

You can make both an open or closed top terrarium. The moss/lichen I have sent will take both. Also you may need to trim back your fern as it grows to keep within your container. I would also take the lid off for at least 24 hours every few days as moss and lichens do like the air circulation.
Build your terrarium this way:

This is when you are using my kit that you purchased from me here or on other web sites.

1.Put down small stones
2.Next goes the small bag of shredded moss(moisten first)
3.Now put organic soil on top of wet moss
4.Time to put your moss/Lichens & fern on top of soil
Best to put fern in then plant the moss around it. This helps to cover the fern roots more and to keep it moist.

Most of all HAVE FUN!
Once all the moss has been planted, thoroughly spray them the water to help settle them into place. Under normal conditions, additional fertilization is unnecessary. 

Lichens can be tucked away into the haircap moss as it loves to grow in there anyway.They do not have roots so place them in areas to add interest. The lichens will shrivel and loose that spongy nature if they get to dry. remember to much water is NOT good for your terrariums and it is better to mist the moss rather than pour water from the tap. 

Charcoal use and terrariums

I do not use charcoal in most of my terrariums for the main reason that the moss does not die and decompose like plant material in regular terrariums. I do have it available for sale on my web store if needed.It is used because it adds a layer that helps to absorb odors from the decaying plant matter. It will not harm the moss to add it to yours. It does also give a visual addition to the laying in your jar. 

Tillandsias air plants-4 individual "pup" plants


Air plants, the common name for Tillandsias, are one type of Bromeliad. They grow without soil, while most Bromeliads do best in soil. They are unusually hardy, surviving temperatures from 35 to 120degrees.


The native habitats of these attractive and fascinating members of the pineapple family are the southern United States, Mexico,and Central and South America, where they grow on rocks and trees,without soil. Their wire-like roots are void of root hairs and are used for anchoring only.

They receive all of their water and nutrients through the fuzzy gray scales on their leaves called trichomes, which can be quite developed (fuzzy leaves) or microscopic (green smooth leaves). Nutrients in nature are provided by dust, decaying leaves and insect matter.  

Tillandsias have a cycle of growth. It begins with a single plant which grows to maturity (different sizes for different species).and then blooms, with spikes lasting from several weeks to many months.This process is very colorful; some air plants turn pink, red, or orange before blooming; the bloom color varies with species.

When the bloom is finished, new plants grow out of the base of the parent plant and up around it (as it slowly dies off), reach maturity, and complete the bloom cycle in one to several years, depending on species and cultural conditions. These new plants can be separated from the parent.



This is  a LIVE Spanish Moss that I have been growing here in my yard and I overwinter in the house. Looks great hanging in your trees either outside or in your reptile tanks! Use in your bromeliads or orchids as well. You can tell that this is alive because it is still the beautiful green color when you mist it and not the DEAD GREY color.

This looks great draped inside the back of a vivarium tank as well! Your frogs will love sitting on this!

You can purchase this LIVE and Dried/Dyed Natural Green on the Home Page.


Live moss above on the left side,dead moss purchased from a local dept. store. You can see the green live moss when placed side by side.  

General Characteristics

General: Pineapple Family (Bromeliaceae). Spanish moss is a native, perennial epiphytic herb. It is not Spanish, nor a moss, but a flowering plant. The slender, wiry, long, branching stems (reaching 8m or more) grow as suspended, bluish-gray streamers and garlands draping among tree branches and sometimes telephone lines and fences. The plant and is not parasitic, as is often thought, but attaches itself to trees for support. The plant has no roots but derives its nutrients from rainfall, detritus and airborne dust. The stems and leaves are covered with overlapping silver-gray scales, which are important for absorbing water and trapping dust and nutrient particles. It is thought that these plants may play a critical role in nutrient cycling. The very narrow, linear, awl-shaped leaves (2.5 to 8 cm long) are whitish gray. Numerous, small, solitary blue or pale green flowers with three petals (6 to 8 mm long) grow in the axils of the leaves. The flowers, which bloom for a period of three to four months from spring to fall, form interesting seeds (2.4 to 3 mm) with hairy sails that float on the wind and stick to tree branches.

Required Growing Conditions

Spanish moss is native to the Southeastern United States and Tropical America. For current distribution, please consult the Plant Profile page for this species on the PLANTS Web site.

Habitat: Spanish moss grows on trees in areas of high humidity. It can be found on live oak and pines that border estuaries, rivers, swamps, and along the coastal plains of the Southeastern United States.

Cultivation and Care

Spanish moss may be propagated by seed or by division. The plants are very easy to grow, as they need no soil or transplanting, requiring only warmth and moisture. They are grown in greenhouses or outside in warm climates. The plants need temperature of 70 degrees or warmer in the summer and not less than 60 degrees in the winter. The plants grow well in full sunlight to partial shade. To propagate by division, place divided plantlets on bark slabs in areas with plenty of light and moisture. Mist plants regularly with lukewarm water. Spanish moss rarely blooms in cultivation.

General Upkeep and Control

Although Spanish moss does not take nutrients from the host tree it should be thinned if it becomes too thick. This is because it may either shade the tree’s leaves or, when it is wet it can become very heavy and the branches may break under its weight.

Miniature Hand Painted Pillow Moss Pots

Here are 2 sizes of the beautiful hand painted moss pots that I love to use in my terrariums. Now you can order them here in the web store for your own terrariums. These are hand painted with a mixture of colors to appear as though moss is growing on the pots. The pots are then sealed to protect them when you spray your pots to water your moss.

These tiny pots measuring with the moss are either 1" x1" tall & 1/2" x 3/4" wide (moss top).

These are so adorable and can be used in so many ways. I will be listing the larger sized pots with moss as well and they can all be placed outside in your shade gardens too!

These tiny spots of pillow moss placed on top are so perfectly round! To use these planters in your moss terrariums you can use a piece of wire or a toothpick to place into the hole on the bottom of the pot, then place this into your moss. Can be glued onto pieces of logs or stone as shown in my photos here. If these are left outside of a terrarium...the moss turns just a bit lighter in color. You can also spray it with a clear sealer to protect the moss.  I have painted many sizes of these for people as special orders so email me if you have a special request on size.



Remember the moss does best when misted/watered with non-chlorinated water or distilled water. Also some tap water may be to high in PH for them as well.

All the moss I sell looks great in containers like those used for bonsai but may need special care depending on the bonsai needs and requirements like water,sun etc.  These are so fun to build!   

The regular Tree lichens or regular flat lichen rocks do not like moist environment and will turn shades of brown and orange. Looks interesting but will not stay the green colors as when put in at first.


 More Terrarium Care facts

Remember that your terrariums are better on the cooler side. High heat humid conditions are not as good as a cooler environment. Do not over water them and taking the lid off for air circulation is also a plus.Placing in front of a window with lots of sun really heats the glass up and can cook your moss & lichens.


 A beneficial stow-away worth mentioning: earthworms. An earthworm or two is an excellent and welcome addition to a terrarium - especially large terrariums that will provide the earthworm a nice large habitat. For best results the terrarium should be placed so that it has abundant light but never direct sun as the closed container will overheat. Most un curtained north windowsills will provide sufficient light. Fluorescent light that are on 12 hours a day and are no more than 10 inches above the plants will also provide good light conditions.

Watering is seldom necessary. Water well at first when you put together to get the soil nice and damp. To determine when it is needed, check in the early morning when it is cool for condensation on the sides of the container. Also check the soil, if it looks and/or feels dry, add a few spoonfuls of water and check again in a few days. Heavy condensation indicates too much moisture. Wipe away the excess with a soft cloth or tissue or remove the cover until the excess evaporates.

Leaves, blooms or plants that die should be removed as soon as they are observed. Some plants may also need pruning to check rampant growth. Very large plants should be removed entirely.

Room temperatures of 65 to 85 degrees are ideal for most plantings.

Moss terrariums will benefit also with air circulation if they contain lichens. So remove the lid for a few hours then replace it. (weekly is fine). 

Moss terrariums do not require the charcoal as listed in regular type terrariums. This is because the moss does not die and decay like regular plants do. This is the reason that charcoal is absorb the odors caused by decaying plant matter.

If you will be adding other plants into the terrarium you should add the charcoal...I do sell this here as well.

Rounded River rocks for many projects are available  

Gorgeous river rocks that have been smoothed by mother natures waters. These are so beautifully rounded and perfect for many applications. I love to use them in my water garden features as shown on a fountain I have. I also like to use them in my reptile cages as feeding rocks or even to make a tunnel etc. You can use liquid nails adhesive to put a small amount onto a rock and secure so that your design will stay that way and not fall so as to harm your critters. 

These are also very nice to put in your aquariums! be careful how you stack these when using in your aquariums. These are smooth so you do not want one to slide away if you are stalking to high and not really secure. DO NOT use the liquid nails inside your aquarium waters as it may harm your fish etc.

These rocks have been cleaned with just water and no chemicals or pesticides have been used. The photos show them paired with pieces of driftwood that I also sell. You are getting ONLY THE ROCKS HERE.


I also have large pieces of driftwood available in cedar too.


Live Moss covered Cedar Branches

Click below on the lengths I have or email me with the length you want. You are getting these gorgeous branches at $.75 per inch which includes your shipping price too. The branches vary in diameter and appearance from photo shown. A drop down box with assorted sizes to order these is listed below.


Moss/Lichen covered logs,stumps odd unique pieces etc. are also available... Tell me what you want and we can go from


Organic Soil- Moss starter 

You will be getting the actual organic soil that my 
moss was growing on outside! Great to use in your own terrariums!

NO PESTICIDES are ever used on my plants or moss. 

Soil is harvested upon your purchase. Great start for your new moss purchases. Pillow Moss and others like an acidic soil and this is just what you get. This soil is harvested from under the cedar/pine trees where the moss has been growing for years! Bits of moss, spores, cedar/pine needles,etc may be present in this soil.

Remember that a lot of the premixed soils have those fillers like Styrofoam balls that you do not want in your vivariums with your frogs and such.



           Shredded Green Sphagnum Moss

Great substrate layer for terrarium & Vivariums

This is  a dried green moss (some moss may have active spores still  in it) that I like to get wet then place on top of my small stones that I have placed first in my terrarium. I can then apply the organic soil onto the moss. I then place the moss or plant the ferns onto this.

Vivarium use:It is best to just get it all wet and lay down on your tank floor. Frogs love this damp moss! It can be used 3-4 times buy picking it up and just washing it out to get rid of the frog matters they leave behind.Then simply put it back down and there you go!

This is also great in other applications like for decorating birdhouses or anything else that you want a moss look but do not want to worry about the care of the moss.A 2 Oz bag like I sell shown here will fit a 10 gallon aquarium great. i have other types of shredded moss varieties that are also good for your vivariums. I have the moss starter shown below as well as a shredded moss from preserved moss varieties so it is much greener and larger sections than this shredded sphagnum.


Live Moss Starter Kit 

You will be getting assorted Live moss pieces in a quart size bag. Included is the recipe for you to take this shredded moss and mix it to use as a paint to apply onto rocks, bricks ,outside garden structures and more.Can be poured between flagstone paths as well. Remember that moss is slow growing but worth the wait! You have a variety of moss and spores in the bag so it will take several weeks or longer to get this started and established.

Moss pieces may include but are not limited to :

Cushion,hair cap, fern,tropical, rock cap, reindeer and more.

Multi-colored Black/Brown Polished stones

See the quarter for size comparison.These are useful in so many ways. See below for some ideas.

  • Aquariums
  • Vivariums
  • Create a beautiful Open Terrarium-Put stones on bottom and moss or plants on top! Gorgeous!
  • Placed on top of your Bonsai soil
  • Spa sinks (looks great to have them in your sinks & let the water just rush over them as you wash your hands. This method is used in many spas & restaurants.)
  • Put in your turtle/frog bowls etc for them to climb onto
  • Many more uses

See also my multi - colored brown River stones for sale.

Quantities over 1 pound are subject to extra postage-get with me if you need to know shipping cost before ordering.

There are many great projects for these including,floor tiles,back splash,garden stepping stones,birdhouse roofs,cover old clay pots or even ashtrays and switch plates. See some of the photos below.

Beautiful Unpolished natural river stone gravel....sizes shown here range from about 1/4"-2" in length. Beautiful colors that are great in both terrariums and vivariums. The photo shows rocks wet on the left and dry on the right.

 Lichen Covered stones
Tiny Lichen Covered stones. These range in size from 1/2" to 1".
Small Lichen Covered stones range in size from 1" to 2". Depending on the humidity in your terrarium/Vivarium the lichen may or may not live. These are best in a more open type terrarium which means no lid (as hot humid conditions will turn the lichens brown)They are still pretty but if you want the green/blue colors to stay this is not the place to use them.
 Free Shipping on the Tiny & Small stones!


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