This is a new Store where you can purchase many more supplies and items that will be shipped directly to you from a separate warehouse.

You CAN NOT combine items with these purchases from my site here Teresa's Plants & More Store or From My Etsy shops.

I may have some items listed here on my main web site store & prices may vary on both sites as I have sales here etc. Please let me know if you need any help here by contacting me by phone 1-800-803-8056 or email at

I have opened this to allow more selections for you as many have asked for supplies I may not always have. Thanks so much and enjoy the fun of on line catalog shopping too!

The link to this store for ordering is located here.">
This will bring you to Teresa's Oddity Store

Many beautiful items already made with a list of what you need to make your own. You will love shopping for items here. get your glass jars here and the moss from the store here at

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