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Large 2 Oz Bag of Pure 100% Human Grade Chicken that has been Freeze Dried. Photos show assorted sized bags & styles that we produce.


We are packaging this in 3 ways. ALL CHICKEN IS RAW


Chicken Strips-Assorted sized pieces 2 oz Bag

Chicken steaks-Breast that have been tenderized/flattened for sandwiches etc. 2 Oz Bag

Ground Chicken- Ground chicken for use in enchilads chili soup etc. 2 oz Bag


For human consumption of raw chicken, add COLD water to re hydrate then drain and prepare for your favorite dish.


5# of RAW chicken breast, makes about 1# of freeze-dried chicken breast.


Thank you, Jesse, for showing us what you did with your RAW Cajun chicken breast. 


WE are a home-based Business in Delta Colorado. WE have taken the Colorado food handler certification as well.


Freeze Dried Chicken - 2 Oz bag - Raw Chicken - Human Grade 100%

$9.99 Regular Price
$6.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

Father's Day save 35%

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