Rocks can be ordered in a mixture of Lichens & Moss/Moss only/Lichens only.

                               NO PESTICIDES ARE EVER USED

These are gathered around our 12 acres, moss covered rocks are carefully wrapped in moist packaging to preserve the moss structure.Great for your yard, bonsai planters, terrarium or vivarium etc! Each rock is a unique masterpiece, one of a kind creation. 

You may want to also put them in your planters for a really neat look!


Moss/Lichens will continue to grow so long as they do get water and light, so keep them in your yard and they will be just fine. The rocks with moss need a more shaded area. I have just lichen covered rocks as well as just moss covered rocks.

Lichen rocks will take more sun light and like less humidity. Lichen rocks with the flat lichens which look like lettuce...will NOT do well in terrariums...the lichen tends to loose the green and blue colors.If this is. o.k. with you then go ahead and put in your terrariums.

Need a special size or amount? email me at

Most medium to large rocks are shipped flat rate and may not be able to combine with other shipping items to protect moss etc. If not sure about cost etc. email me first.

Click on this Lichen photo show link below to see 39 photos of lichen covered rocks. This shows you how they are used in my garden landscape. Remember the lichen rocks will take the sunlight. See how the reindeer moss and haircap moss looks around them. They too can take the sun more than the other moss varieties I have for sale.

Most rocks are a special order so you need to contact me with what you are looking for and I can send you a separate invoice.

Lichen Covered stones

Tiny Lichen Covered stones. These range in size from 1/2" to 1".
Small Lichen Covered stones range in size from 1" to 2". These are listed in the web store.

Small Assorted moss covered rocks 1"- 4"

Many are wanting just the small moss rocks for terrariums so I am now listing those in the web store. You can buy 1 or more there and they will be between 1"-4" with various types of moss on them for $2.00 each . You can choose a size when you are there. They are all similar to those shown above as well as what I use in my terrariums I make shown here.



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