I have just begun to preserve my own assorted lichens and will have those posted soon.

Tube Lichens 

These are now available in the web store shop. Here are some more beautiful lichens that are hollow and so beautiful. I like to use these in my terrariums-vivariums and shade garden pots or just in my moss gardens in the yard!



 "Fruticose ground lichens"
You will be getting assorted sizes here. The lichens belong to the lichen group "Fruticose ground lichens". If they dry out they will turn more of a white showing the underside of their leaf...upon watering them watch them come back to life and feel all spongy and alive again! They look like little limpet shells!             PESTICIDE FREE ALWAYS!!

Great to put in your Bonsai planters,terrariums Vivariums and much more! Can easily be misted. Each piece is so unique & may even have small bits of other moss or lichens attached and growing.





British Soldier Lichen, Cladonia cristatella Limited Supply

It's only about ¼ to 1-inch high (6 mm). In this common lichen the red spore-producing reproductive structures are clearly visible. The lichen's name, Cladonia cristatella, is actually the name of the fungus. The alga species in the lichen is known as Trebouxia erici. However, it's customary to name a lichen after its fungal part, so the whole lichen is known as Cladonia cristatella. British Soldiers are usually found on decaying wood, soil, mossy logs, tree bases, and stumps. They help break down old wood and put nutrients back into the soil where they can be used by plants. Lichens also take nitrogen from the air and put it into the soil so plants can use it.  Cladonia cristatella



Club Lichens/Cup Lichens

General - short, hollow vertical projections growing in small patches; varied shapes, from cup-shaped to narrowly pointed, generally unbranched or sparsely branched; small scale-like squamules usually surround the base of the podetia; colour varies from yellow to green to gray, the fruiting structures on the podetia are usually blackish or red. 


Found in small patches on rotting wood, tree bark, mineral soil and humus; very drought resistant, common in dry, exposed locations.See web store for purchases.


Live Tree Lichens- You are getting assorted sized lichens that are either by their self or still attached to cedar bark. There are so many possibilities for this! They are still alive and will continue to grow given the right growing conditions like proper light/air and water. See below some unique uses I have found. 

Some other uses for these may be:
Bonsai planters
Birdhouses (they love to use this for their nests!)
Attach to your outside tree branches with fishing line.
Floral decorations/wreaths & More!


 Umbrella Lichen (real name unknown)

This is another lichen that I really love. It is close to the reindeer moss(lichen really) but has more detail and greener and more texture. I do not know the name of this so I have it just as Umbrella lichen on the Home Page. 



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