Hardy Water Lily Plants & Lotus Plants

All water lily rhizomes are shipped bare root this means the plant is shipped with most pads removed for easier shipping. However some may have blooms still attached this time of year too! Planting Directions can be found below and several links are also posted.The water lily's here are mature plants unless otherwise stated.They will be plants that are at least 1 year old. They will still have leaves and will produce flowers within 2 years of planting. Mature rhizomes do vary in size according to the type of lily it is as well.

I have had most of these lilies in my ponds for 20+ years!

Important water lily care...these will die if they are not planted correctly. Hardy lilies grow horizontally and best to plant at a 45 degree angle against the edge of a pot pointing bud tip towards center. Lilies have to be potted or planted in pond bottom. If left to float on top of water they will get too hot and die. If the rooting tip is not left exposed from pot soil it will rot and die. You know the rhizome is dead if you cut into it and there is no longer a white color to it, if it is black it is dead.

Lilies will die back at the first frost. They will die if the rhizome freezes so be sure it is below the freeze point in your pond.First of Spring when water temps rise they will send up new shoots and start all over again.click below for a great link to waterlilies.


Click here:Great care & planting directions for Water lilies & Water Plants


Hardy Water Lilies 
Hardy water lilies are planted in much the same way as the tropicals using a loam garden soil and 2-3 fertilizer  Hardy Lily Planting infotablets. Hardy lilies grow horizontally across the container so a wide pot is necessary for planting (a 14 or 16inch fabric pot is the best container). The rhizome should be planted at one edge of the container with the rhizome planted at an angle of about 45 degrees with the crown exposed. Top with an inch or two of pea gravel or sand. The plant can be lowered to a depth of 6 inches to begin with, and then lowered to a depth of 12 - 18 inches as the plant grows. Hardy lilies should be planted in early spring and should be fertilized every 4-6 weeks. They bloom from June through September depending on the weather, and become dormant during the colder months. As spring approaches, growth will begin again. (See the "Plant Supplies" section of the shopping cart for aquatic plant fertilizer.)

Dividing and Re potting Hardy Water Lilies 
Hardy water lilies should be divided every two or three years depending on the plant container size. For the average to large size water lily, a five to seven gallon container is ideal. The best container will be shallow and wide. Small water lilies can be potted in a three to five gallon container.

Begin by removing the soil from the water lily using a water hose to expose divide lily the rhizomes. Select the best looking piece with  good growth showing and cut to about three inches long, discard the remainder of the plant. Trim away excess roots and any damaged foliage from the selected piece.If the water lily is to remain unpotted for any length of time, keep it in the shade with damp paper towels or newspaper covering the plant.

Prepare the container by filling about three fourths full of aquatic planting soil (clay loam is ideal) and add ten grams of a good fertilizer such as 10-20-10 for every gallon of soil.


Any questions on this please email me at tnr@windstream.net

"Texas Dawn" Hardy Yellow Water Lily



 Limited supply-Please email me before you purchase.

Hardy Zones: 3-11

  • Planting Depth: 12-15" over crown.
  • Spread: 4-5' diameter.
  • Foliage: Beautiful  bronze mottled leaves
  • Sunlight: 4-6 hours of direct sun.Can take shade as well.
  • Flower: Beautiful butter cream yellow 


"Red Attraction " Hardy red Water Lily

Probably one of the largest reds you will find!

Beautiful long lasting cut flowers!

Hardy Zones: 3-11

  • Planting Depth: 12-15" over crown.
  • Spread: 4-5' diameter.
  • Foliage: New leaves bronze turning to green.
  • Sunlight: 4-6 hours of direct sun.
  • Flower: Deep red inner petals with paler outer petals. 

Photo below shows Red attraction and Alba White together. Water Lilies make GREAT cut flower arrangements!



"Gold Medal" Water lily 

This lily has large flowers that are more "double" than other yellow hardy types. Although flower color is somewhat pale, its many petals and freedom of bloom make it highly desirable. Flowers are held a few inches above the water and have a wonderful scent.  Free flowering.

Flower color: Yellow
Flower size: 6-8"
Overall spread: 4-5'
Leaf size: 9-10"
Rhizome: Marliac
Light: Full sun, partial sun


 Above is a Gold Medal on top and Alba White below it! These are beautiful Water Lilies!


 "Hollandia" Pink Water Lily

You are getting a "Hardy" Mature double blossom Pink Water Lily rhizome shipped bare root. Great for your Koi pond.The size of the rhizome you get is at least 3-6" long & at least 1-2" around! 

Zones: 3-11

  • Planting Depth: 12-15" over crown.
  • Spread: 4-10' diameter  the more you give it the more it spreads
  • Foliage: New leaves mottled fading to green.
  • Sunlight: 6-8 hours of direct sun.
  • Huge flowers up to the size of a pie pan. The colors range from a 
    blushing pink to a deeper pink all on the same plant! Petal count is 25-32 and great as a cut flower! This is a double lily.


This photo here shows the that most pads will be removed for shipping purposes.







 Aurora Water lily (smaller water lily)

 Available Spring 2011-Limited Supply

•ZONES 4-9
•Full-sun to partial shade
•Blooms until late in the day
•Changeable lily
•Evolves from yellow/apricot to orange/red to burgundy/red over a three day span
•Bright orange stamens
•Begins cup-shaped but changes to a flat shape
•Cups measure 3-4.5 inches
•Pads are green-New leaves are splashed with burgundy
•Pads measure 6-6.5 inches
•3 foot spread
•Ideal for container gardens


"Colorado"Hardy Water Lily
    Limited Supply-Please email me before you purchase
 Colorado is an incredible bloomer as you can see. The color is a unique apricot, salmon color.  The flowers rise high above the dark green foliage.Makes a great landing pad for damselflies(See photo)
  • Vigorous grower with slightly mottled leaves.
  • Shade tolerant
  • Fragrant
  • Leaf Spread: 3 to 4'  feet
  • Pond Size: Medium - Large
  • Flowers May - September

 Hardy zone 3 or higher


"Alba White" Hardy water lily

Hardy Zones: 3-11

  • Planting Depth: 12-15" over crown.
  • Spread: 4-5' diameter.
  • Foliage: New leaves bronze turning to green.
  • Sunlight: 4-6 hours of direct sun.
  • Flower: Beautiful white petals with bright yellow center.
This photo below shows a beautiful collection of 3 water lilies. The top is a Gold Medal the middle is the Hollandia and the bottom is the Alba White.

"Pink Opal" Water Lily 

Flower Description: 3 to 4" deep, coral pink flowers; cup-like shape; sweet fragrance; holds flowers above the water; good cut flower

Leaf Description: 8-9" green leaves; new leaves are bronzy and a spread of 2 to 3'



AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs®

Aquatic-Tabs® Pond Plant Food Tablets
Professional Growers #1 Pond Plant Food Tablet

AgSafe® Aquatic-Tabs® are a 10-20-10 time-release pond plant food tablets that feed all types of waterlilies and pond plants for 30 - 45 days. Unlike other pond tablets that feed for only two weeks - AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs® provide constant time-release nutrient feeding to ensure proper plant growth and longer lasting blooms. No more hassles of getting wet every two weeks to feed your plants. Fish and Aquatic Life Safe...Outperforms other brand tablets!

Special Ingredients & Benefits:
o High Phosphorus to Nitrogen ratio - helps to induce bud set and size of blooms.
o High Iron and Magnesium - promotes greening and rapid growth
o High Micro nutrients - essential in proper plant metabolism and bloom colors
o Humus - source of organics and improves ca-tonic exchange of nutrients
o Plant Extracts - source of 76 trace minerals and growth hormones
o Fish Extracts - source of natural nitrogen and phosphorous
o Beneficial Microbes - promotes root spread and better nutrient uptake

Suggested Application:
Established Plants: Insert 2 Aquatic-Tabs into soil about 3-4 inches deep and about 2-3 inches from plant center for every gallon size plant.
New Plantings: Place a small layer of aquatic soil on the bottom of pond plant container. Position 2 Aquatic-Tabs on soil, then add a little more soil. Place plant onto soil according to planting instructions. Fill pond plant container with remaining soil and gravel (if needed). Place potted plant into pond. No other fertilizer is necessary. Repeat feeding application every 30-45 days during growing season. It's that Simple!


                 A Copper-Free Tablet that is Fish and Aquatic Life Safe.

These are sold in the web store in lots of 25 for $4.50
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