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About Us 


FAQ, Store Policies and More

My husband Ron Kessler and I,Teresa Kessler, are proud to be a small family-owned business for over 30 years now. We grow our own moss and Lichens and aim for 100% customer satisfaction. I started selling plants and flowers on line years ago after I moved away from my parents after high school. After 25 years of being away....

I then moved back to where my parents had been living, married an awesome man and bought land next to my parents in the Ozark mountains.  

So, we are here on 12 beautiful acres and we have been blessed with the ability to share this beautiful land by growing our own plants and moss to share with people all over the world.

We both love plants and nature and I started selling on Etsy happened after I moved back here to this area. I was the first person to start selling live moss there with our first DIY moss kit and then Moss of the Month Club!

It is great to be able to make this my full-time business and still be here with my family.

I enjoy all the neat people I meet and love them sharing photos and stories of how they used what they bought from us.

We try to keep all things pesticide free and as natural as we can while growing and harvesting our items. I also try to recycle as much as possible like boxes and packing materials when I can.

Ron and Teresa Kessler-Owners

Shipping and Tracking

Once order is placed, please allow 24-48 hours to process your order. Then the shipping time is in addition to that. Remember postal delays are still happening. An email will be sent to you about your order and tracking will be emailed form look in spam folder as well. Any postal delays or items lost in the mail is NOT our responsibility but please contact us so we can try to help.

Refunds and Cancellations

We do NOT take any cancellations Contact us to see if we can help with an order placed and maybe need a date to ship changed or a color changed etc.

Naturally Dried and Preserved Items

Please be aware that naturally dried and preserved items from floral to moss do have a scent. To some it is a lovely sweet fragrance. To others it is a more unpleasant odor. Please take this into consideration before purchasing! Buy samples if you need to first.

What to Do With My Moss if You Cannot Use It Right Away?

So, you bought some moss and no time to use right away or have some left. I just ran a test on my moss for keeping in the refrigerator and yes even the freezer. It did just fine! After 11 days in both places, I placed 5 types of my moss in there and in both places after it came out and 3 weeks later it was still alive even after watering several times. So yes, you can store your moss in the refrigerator or even freeze if needed for a few weeks. It's nice to know this really does work!

The moss is packed pretty close to each other in the bags and can stay like that for several weeks so long as it is NOT in direct sun where it will cook in the bag. It does need the light as soon as you can open it from the box shipped in so as to get greened up from lack of light.

You can also lay the moss into say a large clear glass baking dish and cover with plastic wrap. this also acts like a large temporary style terrarium house. This helps from keeping in the bags to long smashed against each other and causing possible brown spots from each other and causing soiled/dirty spots that may turn I always say either split the moss into several larger Ziploc bags or try the glass dish and plastic wrap.

Bugs In My Moss​

NOTE: Most all moss is harvested the day before I ship or that same day. I do not use any type of pesticides on these. Because of this...there may be a small Arkansas Traveler or 2 when you get the package (insects, ants, gnats, worm, etc.).  If you do and you are using these in terrariums with no live animals...then you can place a cotton ball that has been soaked with bug killer into the bag to kill any insects you may have. 

I like to use a natural plant Pyrethrin which is found in a fly spray by Country vet and is also used in our home and in restaurants. It can be found on line or at feed stores/co cops/vet supplies etc. even sometimes at janitor supply stores. Love it!

If this is being used in a vivarium, I do not suggest this...any small bug that may be in there would probably be eaten by your critter. You can also just lay they moss outside and then inspect for any type of insect there may be.

When making terrariums with the moss or even lichens...eggs may have been laid on your moss so that these small bugs may hatch later. Again, a small amount of pesticide on a cotton ball placed inside of your closed terrarium should take care of that. Keep in there for a few days to keep all hatchings killed. I have had baby grasshoppers as well born in my terrariums.

I am passing this along because this is natural...Spring also tends to have a few more like ants or baby grasshoppers hatching or even small black ants.... they will not harm your moss but I just want you to be aware that I do not spray anything here. Thanks so much for your understanding here, Teresa.

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