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You will get a packet of 25 seeds with every order unless otherwise stated.                     

Vinca Seeds

These are  assorted vinca flowers.Vinca is a carefree sun loving flower that is so easy to grow! 


            Vinca Blush                                 Vinca Pacifica Red                           Vinca First Kiss Blueberry


             Vinca Polka Dot                             Vinca Burgandy Halo                            Vinca White


             Vinca Cooler Apricot                          Vinca Cooler Mix                          Vinca Jaio Dark Red


  Vinca Punch New for 2011

Dianthus Supra Purple Pkt 25 seeds

This will fill your garden space with color. This Dianthus is a cross between various species and the result is a strong plant that will flower under hot summer growing conditions. A long flowering period was one of the superior traits observed by the AAS Winner Judges. Supra Purple may become one of your favorite annual flowers. A true AAS Winner. Dianthus have been for a long time a garden favorite. Supra Purple is a deep pink to purple, easy to bloom, and yet has a better heat tolerance than most Dianthus. Will grow to about 12 inches tall in an upright habit. Will spread to about 10 inches wide. The appearance of the hight fringed petals make for a lacy show in any garden. (Package 25 Seeds)  

Dianthus ‘Zing Rose’Pkt of 25
Mature Height
6 inches
Mature Spread
12 - 18 inches
Soil Type
Normal to Sandy
Mature Form
Growth Rate
Sun Exposure
Full Sun
Flower Color
Fall Color
Foliage Color
Deep Green

The Dianthus ‘Zing Rose’, Dianthus Deltoides, is a beautiful bright rose/mauve flower. With its grassy blue-gray foliage and profuse blooming time, ‘Zing Rose’ is one not to miss. Dianthus ‘Zing Rose’ has a plant spread of 12-18” and a height of 6”. Dianthus will bloom from mid summer to early fall. In order for a longer bloom time, deadhead the blooms continuously throughout the summer.

Dianthus needs a sunny site with well-drained soil, but will tolerate some shade in the afternoon and humidity. These fragrant, spicy dove like flowers look wonderful as a border plant, rock gardens, along walks or paths, for edging and a definite in cottage gardens.



Zahara Starlight Rose Zinnia Seeds-pkt 25

So Tolerant of Heat, Humidity, and Drought, it was Planted for the Beijing Olympics!

Here it is, the bedding Zinnia of our dreams! The 'Zahara' series introduced in 2009 immediately became famous for its resistance to mildew and leaf spot, its nonstop blooms, and its larger flower size. Now the newest and best color, 'Starlight Rose,' has won a 2010 AAS award! 

These blooms are fully 2 ½ inches wide, and there's more of them , they pop up all over super-compact plants, drawing bees and butterflies into the garden and absolutely wowing those hot, dry beds and water-starved containers. Single-flowered, they offer pure white petals with a hot-rose halo at the center. 

And as the summer sun warms them each day, the rosy shade grows deeper and more intense!

Renowned for its ability to withstand heat, humidity, drought, and just about anything else, 'Zahara Starlight Rose' is the first bi-color bedding Zinnia that can truly claim to be disease-resistant. 

AAS WInner. 12-14" tall. color-filled flowers with more unique, high-impact colors. 20% larger flowers than the market leader. Plants do well where Z. elegans or vinca varieties have failed. Drought tolerant once established. Does well in sunny, hot and dry conditions. Care-free, season-long shows in landscapes and containers. More resistant to leaf spot and mildew than other varieties.


Zowie Zinnia 

24 - 29 inches. All America Selection Winner for 2006. New semi-tall zinnia with a novel bi-color pattern. Each 3 to 4 inch semi-double bloom contains a scarlet/rose center with yellow petal edges. The color combination is uniformly intense. Plants spread to 26 inches. Great as cut flowers. 


Zinnia Magellan Series Seeds

Mixture of Colors - 25 seeds per Pkt

AAS Winner for 2005. Fully double, dahlia flowered 5 to 6 inch blooms gleam with brilliant coral petals. The flower quality and color are superior to other Z. elegans. Consistent flower production and earliness to bloom are traits noted by the AAS judges. Mature plants will reach about 15 to 17 inches tall and spread 15 to 19 inches.

This packet will be a mixture of colors as seen in this photo below.

Zinnia Thumbelina dwarf plants seeds

Charming dwarf plants produce low, compact mounds covered with single and semi-double flowers all summer and into fall. Flowers come in a full range of showy colors. Use for mass plantings, edgings, mix with other low growing sun-loving plants or in containers and window boxes.

Plant: Direct seed 1 week before last spring frost, thin weak seedlings. Or sow indoors 3-4 weeks before last spring frost. Harden transplants before setting into garden.
Care: Water regularly and fertilize twice during the summer. Harvest flowers regularly to encourage re-bloom.
Tip: To reduce diseases, plant where air circulation is good and avoid watering overhead late in the day. 


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