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A systemic floral dye, Absorbit colors flowers through the stem to the blossom.
Use ABSORBIT where large quantities of fresh cut flowers require coloring.

Available in fourteen colors (the colors blend easily and beautifully to create unique new colors!)

Holiday Red  •  Burgundy  •  Perfect Pink  •  Hot Pink 

Deep Blue  •  Larkspur Blue  •  Ice Blue  •  Teal Blue  •  Purple  •  Lavender  

Holiday Green  •  Lime •  Yellow/Yellow  •  Orange

For use with the following:
Dried flowers-fresh flowers-silk flowers-baskets-moss-seed pods and so much more!
1.  For best results use only high quality flowers that have been dry-stored in the cooler.   
     Flowers kept in water before dyeing will absorb dye slower. 
2.  MIX THOROUGHLY 2-3 teaspoons of ABSORBIT per quart of warm (100-110 ˚F) water.  
     (8-12 teaspoons / gallon) 
3.  Strip lower foliage and RECUT stems. 
4.  Place stems in dye solution for 30-60 minutes. Long stemmed flowers should be taken 
     from dye solution at the first sign of color above the calyx. 
5.  Remove flowers and rinse dye from bottom of stems. 
6.  Transfer flowers to water with flower food.   
     The flower color will continue to intensify as the remaining dye within the stems travels upward. 
• Suggest using latex gloves while dyeing to protect hands from staining. 
• Slightly stressed flowers will absorb the dye quicker.  It is best to use dry-packed flowers.  
   If flowers  have already been hydrated set them out of water for about 3-6 hours before dyeing. 
• Not all flowers will absorb the color in the same amount of time.  Carnations are very quick to  
   dye while woody-type stems like roses will take longer.   
• Roses sometime will have difficulty achieving even coloration.  Keep the temperature of the dye 
   mixture at 100-110˚F/40˚C during dyeing period.  This can be done by inserting bucket into a  water  
   filled crock pot or on a heat table.  If blossom appears spotty after dyeing time transfer to a bucket  
   of warm water and allow hydrating further…overnight to a day. 
• Do not increase concentration of dye.  Formulation includes a wetting agent that is pre-calibrated.   
   Increasing the wetting agent will actually deter the uptake rather than its prescribed enhancement. 
• The 4 oz can of Absorbit contains 22 teaspoons to make 11 quarts of formula. 
Absorbit dyes are a powder that mixes with water.  The solution is absorbed  systemically (up the stem) 
and into the flower petals.  When customers are done dying flowers they often will simply pour
the remaining solution down the drain.  The solution is nontoxic and may be disposed of this way.  However, 
the strong color of the dye may cause some concern further down the water treatment system.  The 
disposal method we recommend for leftover dye solution is that they absorb it into a material like  
sawdust, wood chips or newspaper.  These may then be simply disposed of in their normal trash. 

Color Swatches

ice blue A/D04 ice blue larkspur blue A/D07 larkspur blue
lavender A/D08 lavender burgundy A/D10 burgundy
holiday red A/D14 holiday red holiday green A/D17 holiday green
yellow/yellow A/D36 yellow/yellow purple A/D40 purple
teal blue A/D42 teal blue deep blue A/D43 deep blue
orange A/D75 orange perfect pink A/D80 perfect pink
hot pink A03 hot pink lime A90 lime


    • makes coloring large quantities easier
    • 14 colors available
    • color mix to create more hues
DIPIT-This is a liquid form that Design Master carries as well.
  • no petal burning
  • use on fresh and silk flowers, dried materials
  • makes coloring large quantities easier
  • 12 colors available
  • colors mix to create more hues


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