by envisagelapin
Subject: Re: Order #31799531 on Apr 12, 2011

I wish I had started working with the moss before I left feedback.. only so that I could have added that I am amazed by how much moss you fit in a quart sized bag! :) My wedding favors look beautiful! Mostly do to the very pretty stones and vibrant green moss :) I tried with live moss, and I could not get it to stop fogging up.. I just wanted to say thank you again :)

Hi Teresa!
I just got the slideshow from my photographer and I wanted to send you this asap as promised. I will have actual photos in a few days and i will send you those too. Thank you for being a huge part of my wedding. The snails stole the show!

Dear Teresa
Thank you ,you did a good job on terrarium ,i'm so happy it so beautiful .i wanna ask you if the moss still in sandwich bag its ok cause i just use half of that.please tell me what should i do ?
thank you

Hi Teresa,
Here is the link to my terrarium blog post on Natural Home magazine's site:

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Hi Teresa,
My mosses and terrarium kit arrived awhile ago and I just wanted to let you know that I am VERY pleased with everything! At first it looked like the sheets of moss were cut the size of the baggie in a square shape, which would have been most unnatural looking in a terrarium. So I was so happy when I pulled them out to find out that they were folded under and irregular shaped. There are a few tiny pine cone looking things on them - how cute!
The moss selection was gorgeous. Although the next time I place an order I'll ask specifically for more of the Pixie cup lichens. They are adorable, but the clump is so tiny that they get lost in my terrarium setting.
So far, everything looks great! I just wanted to let you know that I would highly recommend your mosses to anyone. Thanks so much!
Best regards,

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