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While many fairies spend their first day soaking in the warm sun, Buttercup hopped down almost immediately, curious about the new world around her. This sense of adventure and precociousness would become her defining feature. She’s three times made the winter solstice journey to gather sun gems in the center of the wood, more than any other flower fairy. She’s traveled to all corners of the field and meadow she calls home, and she’s even flown beyond those borders, following a falling leaf or chasing the moon toward the horizon.


Buttercup smiled and breathed deeply of the spring air. It felt good, filling her small body and strengthening her wings. The air had a taste even, of earth and warmth and hope. Such was the first day of spring. She’d been chosen to represent all flower fairies at the spring noon gathering, a once-per-century meeting of the magical and secret creatures of the world. It occurred on the first day of spring, when the sun reached its high point in the sky. No one she knew had ever attended, but the books of lore in the fairy archives at the foot of an ancient beech tree told of dancing, feasting, and magic. She would see strange creatures and meet new friends. Buttercup wondered if she might see a unicorn, or even a gnome. One representative from all magical families should be present at this all-important of gatherings. She stood, fluttered her wings, and flew off toward the east, smiling as the rising sun warmed the air. Adventure awaited.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size: 2.22" L x 2.34" W 4.56" H x ( 5.7 cm x 6 cm x 11.7 cm )


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