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Live Moss-Terrarium Moss

You will be able to choose from a sandwich bag up to a Gallon bag of this beautiful Live moss. This is the same moss I have in my mini terra cotta pots that looks like a Boston Fern. You see how much my snail loves to glide across this moss.

Common Name: The Delicate Fern Moss another sheet moss variety.

Habitat: A terrestrial moss usually found growing on moist, shaded soil, humus, rocks, logs, or stumps. It may also be found growing at the moist base of trees

Family: Thuidiaceae
Genus: Thuidium (thoo-ID-ee-um)
Species: delicatulum (del-lih-KAY-tew-lum)

Fun facts about Thuidium: It is used by horticulturists for orchid cultivation and in the Himalayan Highlands for chinking in buildings.

This is a quick spreading moss and can cover large areas in one season.


under 6 in. (15 cm)

USDA Zone 6b: to -20.5 °C (-5 °F)

Sun Exposure
Partial to Full Shade

Grown for foliage

Other details
Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings

Soil pH requirements
5.6 to 6.0 (acidic)

Propagation Methods
By simple layering
All moss is pesticide free so it can be used in vivariums as well.I harvest this on my 12 acres up in the Ozark mountains.

Need it in bulk? Save $2 per bag this way.

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Moss Facts

1.Moss has no root system it anchors itself to the ground using rhizoids.
2.Moss has no vascular tissue for sending nutrients and water throughout the plant.
3.Moss gets its nourishment from the air, photosynthesis, and water.
4.Under stressful conditions moss & lichens are able to temporarily stop growing and go dormant.
5.Moss reproduces by means of spores which are very dependent on an ample supply of moisture. As moss does not take up moisture through a root system, it is much happier receiving moisture through misting or rainwater instead of a drenching. 

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