Terrarium Tool Kit 7 assorted pieces Bamboo tongs Succulent Tool Kit Premiere kit

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NEW Terrarium/Succulent Tool Kit 7 Assorted pieces
Free 5x7 Muslin bag (limited quantities) with the glass jar purchase.

You will love all the diversity of tools and functions you can perform with them. When starting a new planting or making a new terrarium these pieces will help make things much easier.

Large glass jar /soil and other prop items Not included.

Included in the tool set :
  • Wooden handle rake 6 1/2" long, spade, shovel 1 each style 8" long
  • Wooden handle brush 6 1/2" long
  • Bamboo Tongs/tweezers about 6 1/2" long
  • Pipette (great for putting water into tight places) 6" long
  • Bendable straw Regular size (GREAT to blow away dirt/debris in hard to reach spots or cactus plants when planting.)8" long

The glass jar the tools are displayed in can also be purchased (sold separately). You can get JUST the jar for $3 more.

I can also laser engrave a name onto a thin cork sheet then apply to the jar. You can also have a short word, or monogram etc. put onto the jar for $6 more. Additional words/letters will be $2 each.

Fonts available will be as seen below. Each word/print is $6 for the first word and $2 each additional. So if you wanted say 3 words like 

Live Love Laugh.....that would be 3 words total and cost would be $10 for words and $3 for the jar and $19.95 for the tool kit $32.95.

Fonts available are seen below:
Monotype Corsiva
Comic Sans

Remember these are small jars limit each word to the least amount of letters for a better look.

NOTE: If ordering a name please allow an additional 3-5 days prep time before shipping.

Jar dimensions: About 3 1/2" Tall and 2 3/8" wide

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