Assorted moss & Lichens
Assorted moss & Lichens

Terrarium Kit Large DIY Moss Kit-Glass NOT included

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Live Moss-Terrarium Moss-SO HONORED TO REPRESENT ETSY on the 50 states of Etsy and the 2015 Blog cabin with our DIY terrarium kit featured.

Build your own Moss & Lichen Terrarium! This kit will nicely fill a vase/bowl from 8-12 Inches Diameter depending how close you put it all together.

Complete Moss Kit includes:

* Polished River stones 2"x 3" bag for decorating the top of the terrarium.
* 3"x 4" bag of river gravel for bottom drainage (this is the 1st layer)
* 1 Sandwich bag of Organic soil
* Assorted moss & lichens for top of soil (Packed into a Quart Bag)
* My 17 page Moss terrarium Book ($5.00 value alone) emailed upon payment.

We have several types of glass we sell here that would work great with this kit as well.

Plus a free gift pdf on rooted cuttings!

Included photos show you a variety of moss and lichens that may be included in your kit. EACH kit is always different so if you buy 2 kits, they will have their own uniqueness.

You get all the supplies then build it the way you want. If you want to have a layer of stones that are will need to buy more as this is just a few that will not be seen.

This kit will be enough for a large terrarium say with a base of 8-10". You might even split the kit and make 2 small ones!

Build your terrarium this way: Easy as 1-2-3

1. Put down the 3"x 4" bag of drainage stones

2. Now put organic soil on top of stones

3. Time to put your moss/Lichens on top of soil

4. Decorate with the small polished pebbles as a path etc.

Most of all HAVE FUN!

You get all the supplies then build it the way you want.

The moss might include but not limited to: Pillow/Cushion Moss/Hair cap Moss/Mood Moss/Roughstalk Moss/Reindeer Moss/Fern Moss/Star Moss/Carpet Moss/Cladonia Lichens/Fruiticose Lichens and might also contain other various types of moss & Lichens.

Remember to water your terrarium first when you make it so soil is wet then by MISTING it with a spray bottle. If there is no lid it will need to be misted more often.Distilled or rainwater is always best.You can purchase more items for you terrariums on my web site.

Package is sent with planting and care instructions as well. Great gifts for that person who loves to garden. 

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