Tallow Berry stems dried approximately 16+ stems 6" long

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These berries are natural, firm white berries on short multiple branched stems. Tallow berries are widely used during the holidays for both centerpiece arrangements and wreaths.  It is normal for some of the berries to be a bit brown as seen in photos.
This listing is for approximately a 3 oz bunch as seen bundled. Each bunch will vary with about16-20 stems.

Each bunch varies in height from 4"-6". 

Tallow berries are a unique berry, as their mature color is white.  The tallow berry is firm and on short multi branched stems.  These tallow berries are wonderful for use in wreaths, garlands, and swags, to decorate packages, place cards, centerpieces, cornucopias, flower arrangements or potpourri dishes.

Use this instead of baby's breath to add texture and interest to your buttonholes, corsages, boutonnieres, garlands and bouquets.

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