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You will be getting a bag your choice from a sandwich 5x5 bag or a qt 9x6 bag or a gallon 9x12 bag that is filled with sections of this preserved moss. We try to use the largest pieces we can to fill your bag.

We call this carpet moss because it is a very low pile moss great to imitate grass in your fairy garden setting and not be to tall.

You will never have to worry about how much water or light because it is completely preserved. Soft and green and you will love it.
This is wonderful for so many craft and wedding projects. 

Another sheet moss is our preserved fern moss also in sheets. Available in bulk as well here. Bulk sheet moss Soft preserved Delicate fern moss in 2 colors Choose 6 or 12 square foot boxes

Tell me which color you prefer the Lighter Spring Green or the Darker grass green.

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