Shown in the front of this globe-Pillow moss in the back
Shown in the front of this globe-Pillow moss in the back

Rough stalk Feather Moss Spoon Moss 2 bag sizes

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Also called live spoon moss "bryoandersonia" Rough stalk Feather Moss
Here is a beautiful thick sheet style moss that I love using in terrariums. You will get a sandwich bag with 1 layer flat inside here. 
I show a large circle of this moss. It has been dry for about 3 days just sitting around waiting to be planted. This moss is great for open style terrariums just because of that. Looks beautiful wet and dry.
You can also see the tiny individual sections/pieces that make up the larger mounds. EACH piece will keep growing bigger and bigger!
This is great for outdoor shade gardens too. 

image 1Moss Facts
1.Moss has no root system it anchors itself to the ground using rhizoids.
2.Moss has no vascular tissue for sending nutrients and water throughout the plant.
3.Moss gets its nourishment from the air, photosynthesis, and water.
4.Under stressful conditions moss & lichens are able to temporarily stop growing and go dormant.
5.Moss reproduces by means of spores which are very dependent on an ample supply of moisture. As moss does not take up moisture through a root system, it is much happier receiving moisture through misting or rainwater instead of a drenching.     

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