Assorted pieces and colors of mood & Pillow moss
Assorted pieces and colors of mood & Pillow moss

Preserved mood or pillow moss sold by the square foot SHIPPING INCLUDED

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NEW soft and preserved Mood Moss in assorted styles and colors...NO need to worry about watering. This is NOT Colorfast so indoor use recommended.)

Also be sure to let us know when needed as weather does effect the drying/shipping process for this product.

On the average there are about 6 pieces in each square foot from 3 to 6 inches in diameter and averages from 1" up to 2 1/2" + thick.

Larger moss sizes are available. You will love this moss!

APPLICATION: I apply floor tile adhesive to the moss section or to your wall/board...then after about 45 minutes set time.....apply to my wall/surface etc. See where I am using on a wall with cedar rounds in the lighter green color.

I can pack a 12x12x8 box with about 5 square feet of moss. I also double and stack these backs together to save on postage.
Each 5 square foot box averages about 3 to 4+ pounds.

For larger orders contact us for pricing and shipping.

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