Preserved Cleopatra fern 10 Sections per bag Assorted Greens

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10 stem sections of Cleopatra fern is a thicker style fern similar to leather leaf. I have preserved these to remain soft and pliable to use for many projects.

The variegated ferns are that way right out of the preservation bath. The other colors are the same ones that I have then sprayed assorted greens. 

image 3image 0


Spring Green: Above photo middle left like 9:00 on a clock face

Chartreuse : (Bright lime green) I show many of those in the pictures.

Hunter Green: Above photo 1 o'clock position

Moss Green: Darkest fern, above photo 11 o'clock position

Basil Green: Above photo on bottom in the middle of 2 chartreuse ferns

Variegated: Natural preservation, no paints added on top. I am holding 1 in my hand. 

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