Choose Spring or Hunter Gtreen
Choose Spring or Hunter Gtreen

NuMoss Moss Dye Concentrate 8 Oz Bottle 2 colors

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ONLY 4 Hunter and 2 Spring AVAILABLE

Introducing NuMoss, a Preservant / Colorant.

Specially formulated with semi-transparent pigments in an acrylic binder for better fade resistance than typical dyes and improved resistance to water.  Dries to the touch in about 30 minutes and fully cured in about 2-6 hours depending upon drying conditions.

Comes in concentrated 8 ounce bottles. Dilute with water and spray on using a trigger sprayer or an air-driven spray gun. Dilution rates can vary depending upon desired depth of color.  Rates are usually one part NuMoss to four parts water or for a lighter shade, one part NuMoss to eight parts water.

  • Wear Gloves
  • Cover background for over spray
  • Mix well
  • Additional layers of spray can be added to change color depth
  • Colors can also be mixed
  • Once diluted with water, mixture should be used within 1 week
  • Clean spray equipment immediately after use to prevent plugging

NuMoss is available in Spring Green and Hunter Green. 

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