Assorted mosses that you may receive
Assorted mosses that you may receive

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Live Moss-Terrarium Moss-Here it is asked for it! Now every month you can expect a new sandwich bag full of assorted moss and lichens. (May be alive or preserved).It will include some of everything I sell here on Etsy or my web will always be an exciting adventure when you go to the mailbox and see what you have. NEVER mix Live & Preserved Moss/lichens together or it will cause mold and death to the moss.

Featured here!

A rolling stone gathers no moss. But if you’re a member of the Moss of the Month Club, you’ll be gathering moss aplenty. Yes, there’s a club ($50 for six months) for devotees of the green stuff. It works well as a decorative item in terrariums and it comes in countless varieties, from reindeer to roughstalk moss. “Give this as a gift for someone who is HOOKED ON MOSS!’” the club says. “It is great for the winter months when it is so cold and dreary outside.” The club is one of several offered through Etsy, the online small-biz marketplace.

I will include a variety of items and your sandwich bag will always be a great value well worth at least $10-$15 a bag. With the membership the longer the membership the less cost per bag.

I will keep a list of what that person gets each month but with this 12 month you may get a moss you have gotten about 6 months ago.

Give this as a gift for someone who is HOOKED ON MOSS! It is great for the Winter months when it is so cold and dreary can play with this beautiful green stuff that is NOT affected by the snow and I ship all year long.

Give as a Christmas gift or even for Birthday's Wedding's etc. The possibilities are endless here.

I have been selling Moss and plants for over 12 know that customer satisfaction is very important to or the gift recipient will be very happy with their monthly gift.

You pay for the shipping ahead for these when you purchase this item so there is never an additional cost to that person or to you when it ships each month.
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Above shows Hair Cap moss as well as fruiticose mounds and lichens
Above Pillow Moss-Fruiticose mounds-Roughstalk moss-lichen rocks
Above Roughstalk feather moss-reindeer Moss-Cladonia lichen
Above tube lichens-fruiticose mounds-Rock Cap moss
Cedar Bark shown above with moss growing on it.

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