Medium is the one in front
Medium is the one in front

Miramonte Round baskets-Moss Covered Basket 3 sizes

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preserved moss, wire form

Decorative holders
Vases and Containers
Decorate Potted Plants
Floral Arrangements

Liner is easily removable as seen in a photo here. (Liners may vary either plastic sheet as shown or a single plastic removable pot liner) I am holding the smallest basket here too. These are great for Ring Bearer baskets and Flower girl baskets too! I have some of these made up as Ring Bearer Pillows for you to see too here on Etsy.
Small 5" wide x 2.5" deep x 8.25" Tall 
Medium  6.75" wide x 3" deep x 9.5" Tall.  
Large 8.25"wide x 3.75" deep x 11" Tall 

Plastic liner is easily removed...add fabric to yours and fill with flower petals etc. Great as Easter baskets too!

I am holding the small basket below.

image 3

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