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Live moss assortment Includes 6 moss varieties Terrarium moss
Assorted moss

Live moss assortment Includes 6 moss varieties Terrarium moss

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Live Moss-Terrarium Moss-Super Moss sampler Pack with 6 or more assorted moss samples. This is plenty for about 3 small terrariums or 1 very large or 2 medium :-)

Get a variety of LIVE moss samples in this ziploc Quart bag.

You will be getting pieces of moss that may include but not limited to include:

Reindeer moss,Fern moss,Roughstalk moss,Pillow moss,Sheet moss varieties,Cedar bark moss & Haircap moss! Then you can see what moss you would like to buy more of later.

Put them all in a dish keep watered and have a beautiful moss display indoors or out (light is required indoors not full sun). These can be placed in an ornate outside container that has some soil laid down first (I do sell the organic soil as well) then lay your moss on top of this and put in the shade.

Keep it watered if you do not get any rain on it for several days,also those gel crystals you put in soil to retain moisture is good to keep the moisture there underneath the moss and to keep soil damp and cool.

You will love the variety and texture of all these All of these do really well in terrariums too! Some are great for your vivariums as well and ALL love to be planted out doors!

Photos show you what some of the moss types look like up close.You will get a variety of these and not those specific ones in the photos as I harvest each order individually. 

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