Large clumps grown together
Large clumps grown together

Live moss Pillow moss assorted sized bags of Terrarium moss

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Pincushion Moss
Leucobryum glaucum
White Moss family (Leucobryaceae)

Live Moss-Terrarium Moss-A bag of assorted sized pillow moss sections. AVAILABLE as a sandwich/Quart or Gallon bag.

You will be getting assorted sized pieces of moss from 2 to 4+ inches diameter. 

Pillow/Cushion Moss Facts

1.Moss has no root system it anchors itself to the ground using rhizoids.
2.Moss has no vascular tissue for sending nutrients and water throughout the plant.
3.Moss gets its nourishment from the air, photosynthesis, and water.
4.Under stressful conditions moss & lichens are able to temporarily stop growing and go dormant.
5.Moss reproduces by means of spores which are very dependent on an ample supply of moisture. As moss does not take up moisture through a root system, it is much happier receiving moisture through misting or rainwater instead of a drenching.

Put them all in a dish keep watered and have a beautiful moss display indoors or out (light is required indoors not full sun). Remember not to OVER WATER as moss does not like to be wet all the time.

These can be placed in an ornate outside container that has some soil laid down first (I do sell the organic soil as well) then lay your moss on top of this and put in the shade.

You will get a variety of these and not those specific ones in the photos as I harvest each order individually. 

Cultivation: The preference is medium shade to partial sun, moist to dry-mesic conditions, and an acidic soil containing humus, clay, sand, gravel, or rocky material. This moss is able to tolerate drier conditions than most mosses. At favorable sites, it can be long-lived for a moss, forming sizable cushions of plants.
Comments: This is a very attractive moss that forms dense cushions of plants of variable size. Large cushions of plants, in particular, have an impressive and somewhat exotic appearance. Pincushion Moss (Leucobryum glaucum) is the most common species of its genus in Illinois. It can be confused with another species, White Moss (Leucobryum albidum), which has a similar appearance. This latter moss can be distinguished by the smaller size of its colonies (typically 2" across or less) and the smaller size of its leaves (typically 3-5 mm. long). The broad bases of its leaves extend to about one-half of their length, while the broad bases of the leaves of Pincushion Moss extend to be what one-third of their length. The leaves of White Moss are less thick (typically 3 cells deep) than those of Pincushion Moss (4-6 cells deep), making the latter moss more resistant to dessication.

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