Live Reindeer Moss Assorted sized bags

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Natural light Green colored Live Reindeer Moss sold in assorted sized bags.

Identifying Characteristics of Reindeer Moss

Size/Form: Reindeer moss is a lichen that forms pillow-like colonies of dense, branching ground cover. It rarely reaches more than 7" in height.

Leaves: There are no leaves on the plants.

Fruit: The fruit consists of wind-dispersed spores, which are rarely seen.

Stem: The stems are hollow and branch in pairs.

Habitat: Reindeer moss grows in sandy soil in pine-hardwood forests and along forest edges.

You are getting your choice of bag size that is more than filled with this spongy light green moss!

This is a gorgeous spongy feeling moss. It can be used as a ground cover or you can even put some into your potted plants to keep your cats from digging into the dirt! 

It looks great in an assortment of moss that you make into a living moss basket as well. 

Remember that the natural thing for this moss to do because it is a lichen is to dry and be brittle if not watered. Even in this state it is alive...the color is more white or gray just be careful as it is very delicate and brittle in this state so it can break. Even if a piece does break off...keep it too as it is still alive.

When it is sprayed or watered again either by you or becomes more green and spongy again.

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