Glycerin Kosher Grade 16 oz bottles

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This is the same product we use to preserve all our mosses and ferns. Buy the Spring green dye we also sell to preserve your items.

Also known as "VG" or even sometime spelled glycerin, our pure kosher USP Vegetable Glycerin has countless uses. 

About the product

  • Quality: Our USP Grade & Kosher Vegetable Glycerin is top quality and trusted by thousands of manufacturer's.
  • Trust: Nature's Oil is one of the Nation's leading manufacturers of pure grade VG along with thousands of other raw ingredients.

Using Vegetable Glycerin

Important Note:  Glycerin has recently become known as an ingredient in many e-cigarette vapor formulas.  Although widely used in digestible products there has been no long term studies on the use of glycerin or any other ingredient for that matter for the use of vapor inhalants.  For that reason, Bulk Apothecary can not recommend it's use for any product designed to be inhaled including but not limited to e-cigarette vapor products.  

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