Globe Amaranth flower heads Gomphrena Assorted sized bags

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Gomphrena globosa, commonly called globe amaranth, is a compact annual that typically grows 12-24” tall on upright branching stems. The true flowers are insignificant, tiny, white to yellow trumpets that are only visible close up. It is the bright magenta bracts arranged in globose, papery-textured, clover-like flowerheads that provide the real show in a long summer to frost bloom. Cultivars expand the range of flowerhead colors to include red, pink, purple, lilac, violet and white. Long lasting fresh cut flower. Excellent dried flower (an everlasting) that retains color well. Narrow oblong to elliptic green leaves (to 4” long).
Great to use as wall art with your moss frames.

Heads vary from 1/2" to 1" diameter

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