Glass fish planter Fish terrarium/fish vase

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Large Clear Glass Fish Shaped Vase

  • Height:  about 6 1/2"
  • Length: about 12"
  • Width : about 6"
  • Mouth Opening: about 3.5-4"

Have you ever seen a clear vase that’s shaped like a fish? These unusual table decorations will impress guests at nature and beach weddings, showers, parties, and other occasions. The shape is easily recognizable, with textured fins and round eyes. The rounded belly can be filled with anything you like. The opening includes a slight slant to create the look of a hinged jaw. Round bottom fins and the tail provide support that prevents this fish from rolling away. 

Our glass fish vase is one of the most unusual designs you’ll find. This handsome creation rests upon two round fins and a tailfin. Its belly curves out and up, forming a rounded bottom and slightly tapered opening. The rim is angled to look like the top and bottom of a fish mouth. A clear fin and eyes are connected to the top. Each fin also includes subtle texture lines to add detail and authenticity.

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