Echinops stems 6 Short Stems 4" to 6" Dried Natural or dyed

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Which color echinops?
2020 Crop Echinops, or Globe Thistle, has a wonderful natural blue color for a spiky pod. We have then taken those and sprayed them beautiful metallic shades of Gold/Silver/Copper as well as dyed them.

The pods average from about 1" diameter to about 1 1/2" with some being slightly smaller or larger. I have removed all the prickly stems so you do not have to worry about them :-)

You will get an assortment of sizes in this listing of 6 stems on 4"-6"" stems. Interested in getting just the head and no stem? We can do that as well and you can buy that right here as well.
Dyed Blue shown above and below from our customers bouquet she made with these.

Naturally dried shown below

Echinops is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, commonly known as globe thistles. They have spiny foliage and produce blue or white spherical flower heads.

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