Canella Berries Natural Tan 2 oz bag

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Looking like miniature pine cones these beautiful berries are about the size of a small pea. The Red and Tan are a bit smaller than the other colors.

You are getting 1 bag with 3-4 stemmed pieces as shown here with no less than 2 Oz each bag. Stems vary from 4-8+" in length.

Botanical Name: Canella Alba
Common Name: White Wood Tree

Canella is a straight tree from 10 to 50 feet in height, branched only at the top. The bark is whitish and the leaves alternate, oblong, thick, and of dark, shining, laurel green. The flowers are small, and seldom open. The fruit is an oblong berry containing four kidney shaped seeds and turns from green to blue and then to a glossy black.

Dried canella is an aromatic stimulant and tonic. All over the world canella is common as spice and condiment. It is used in stir fry with a touch of cinnamon and is popular in herbal teas. Because of its fine aromatic odor it is widely used in several recipes for flavor. Its delicious flavor is due to the presence of an essential oil. It is the most common baking spice. It is also a potent component for potpourris. It is considered to be a symbol of prosperity, love magic and protection. Dried canella can also be used in incense, dentifrices and perfumes.

This is NOT for consumption use only decorative use intended. 

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