Bulk sheet moss Soft preserved Fern moss 2 colors Choose 6 or 12 square foot boxes

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Which box of moss?
1 large box with at least 12 square feet of coverage . You will be getting a box that is filled with a large variety of assorted sized sections of this preserved moss.

You may have pieces that are 6" wide and 1 foot long or 2 feet long and 1 foot wide etc. We try to give larger pieces in this bulk box but you will still have some smaller sections as well.

You will never have to worry about how much water or light because it is completely preserved. Soft and green and you will love it.
This is wonderful for so many craft and wedding projects too so get your box or 2 now!

Many have taken a table cloth or even burlap as the base then attached the moss to it so they are making there own moss table cloth.
I show a 48" Round table that took a little over 18 square feet and a 30" round that shows 4 square feet on it.

Tell me which color you prefer the Lighter Spring Green or the Darker grass green.

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