Bulk Moss Preserved Choose 2 styles shredded or a mixture of clumps 5# or 10# Box

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Here are 2 types of preserved moss styles that are great to use for many projects. They both are available in a bulk 10# box and we do offer smaller sized boxes as well. 

If you are looking for moss that is all the same size shreds, then get the Mountain Moss. For a nice assortment of sizes and types of moss to use right out of the box and place around centerpieces or make as a runner down a table get the Forest Moss.

MOUNTAIN MOSS is smaller style shreds in a darker green color. Wedding tables or woodland party tables can also use this as well as applying to a backing and make your own place mats or runners. This is also used to cover moss frames and make topiary balls or moss numbers because of the smaller type shreds that it is.

FOREST MOSS  is also a Medium to darker green in color but has several types of moss & green shades in it and more clumps than the Mountain moss. 

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