Black Lichens Weird & Wild Tree lichens-These are still living lichens for OPEN style terrariums

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Live Lichens-Terrarium lichens-Here is a beautiful bag filled with assorted colors of dried tree lichens. The bag contains no less than .6 Oz which will cover a section laid out flat about 8"x 8". Great for many decorating projects.

The pieces are about 2"x 3" or larger.

These lichens can be used to decorate candle holders, birdhouses, baskets wreaths and so much more. Great for that woodland wedding or any type of outdoor country party. I can do this in a larger sized bag as well so ask if interested.

These are still alive and if watered will change colors and continue to grow. If used in a terrarium it is best there be no lid on it. The lichens are attached to the bark on some pieces and may also have bits of live moss on it.

There may also be bits of some moss mixed with the lichen sections.

NOT good for closed terrariums. If using outside on birdhouse, limbs etc just let mother nature do the job. You can attach with some fishing line to help it start to attach.

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