Ammobium flower bunch dried naturally grown in the USA 2020 crop

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Ammobium 2020 CROP 

This beautiful button white dried straw flower is often called 'Winged Everlasting' as it is reminiscent of Pearly Everlasting, with larger flowers! The white of the Ammobium flower is very bright and vibrant. The center of the flower is yellow. Ammobium, or Winged Everlasting, is native to Australia, and a favorite of Painted Lady butterflies. Small strawflower - like flowers. Papery white, a great alternative to more common white fillers. A natural dried flower.

The bright and sparkling white flower makes a long lasting and cheerful bright spot wherever it is placed.  Wonderful alone in a vase, or simply tied with a ribbon and placed on a shelf or hung from a wall, Ammobium is a cheerful reminder of warm summer days and beautiful fields of wild flowers.  The brilliant white color is pure and clean looking.  Ammobium adds light to arrangements.

Small strawflower - like flowers.  Papery white, a great alternative to more common white fillers.  A natural dried flower.

Each bunch will average 3-4 Oz and about 40-50 stems on lengths of 12"-14" I show a full bunch by ruler and laid out on the table. 

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