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Ebony Spleenwort- Asplenium platyneuron

Ebony spleenwort looks something like a smaller, more delicate version of Christmas Fern, though the two ferns are not closely related. To identify ebony spleenwort, look for a smooth, glossy red-brown stem.

The fertile fronds (female) grow very erect, while the sterile fronds are shorter and more horizontal.These male fronds are what you see during the winter months laying horizontal on the ground and then the taller female fronds start to emerge in the Spring.

These can be used in terrariums but may need trimming back in the Spring.

Habitat: rocky woods  Height: 15 inches

Persistence: evergreen  Location of spores: underside of fronds 

Stipe (leaf stalk): glossy red-brown, smooth, & brittle 

Growth pattern: asymmetric clump 

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