Moss Shaker EXTRA FINE GRIND-Real dried & Preserved Moss-Moss Decor-Shredded moss-Moss Bits-Woodland moss

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Price: $15.00

Here it is...our original "Moss shaker" filled with REAL moss that has been dried & Preserved so you no longer need to water to keep it alive but still can decorate items to give that Real Moss Look!

This unique lid allows you to SHAKE the moss on or to pour it on for larger projects.
This is similar to my other shredded moss that I carry but in a much finer shred as well as an extra fine grind that gives you so many home decor possibilities.

Save this shaker bottle and buy the easy refill bag here to save you $$$$.

Each bottle of Fine Grind Shaker Moss is filled with no less than 2 oz of this beautiful green moss and is available here: Fine Grind

It may not look like a lot but this bottle will go a LOOOONG way.

The Extra Fine Grind THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE GETTING HERE contains twice that with 4 oz

Just like a bottle of glitter when you pour it on the the excess and pour back into your bottle.

Directions for use is simple, just add some thick tacky glue to your project with a paintbrush then pour or shake on the moss. Instant moss coverage has never been so easy!

Have a pretty statue or vase that is chipped? Shake on the moss and cover it up. Shake onto any object that your glue will stick to.

I show a small pot and saucer here but I have covered so many items with this.

You are getting 1 Moss shaker bottle that stands 6 1/4" tall X 2 1/2" wide

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